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littletinyteeth.jpgI’m happy to report that I did finish Little Tiny Teeth in time for book group and I was able to put together some questions for us to discuss. We had some mixed reviews but the book sparked a good discussion.

I had a hard time with the book because while I found the descriptions and settings to be really well done, I didn’t care much for the main character. He wasn’t terrible, he just seemed so secondary to everything and everyone else. Then again, this book is the 14th in the series (there are 15 book so far) and it’s my first book. I don’t know if I’ve missed much from the earlier books. See, that’s why I like to read books in order. ha.

Anyway, you can read my review of Little Tiny Teeth by Aaron Elkins by clicking on the title. And, if any of you have read other books in the Gideon Oliver (the Skeleton Detective) series, let me know what you thought. I’m curious so I may try another book. Anyway, next month we are venturing into future lands and will be reading The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov. Hmm, I don’t really do science fiction but I’ll give it a whirl.

Now, there’s a few other things I’ve got to mention. First, have you dropped by Dawn’s feature on her blog Spotlight on Bookstores? You must. It’s a great resource for finding indie bookstores all around the U.S and even a few international stores too. She was kind enough to run my write up on BookPeople so check it out. Just remember that if you ever come to Austin to visit BookPeople you have to let me know and I’ll meet you up there.

While I was on my blog break I received two awards from dear bloggy friends Melody and Serena. Melody gave me a You Don’t Say award and Serena passed on the Enchanted Blog award. Isn’t that sweet?

I know this is bad form but I’m not tagging anyone at this time just because I’m still so behind on blog reading and stuff but if you are reading this consider yourself tagged and Melody & Serena thank you for brightening my day!

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