Thinking Of…

My thoughts this past week has been of my mother-in-law who unfortunately passed away last Sunday. Right now my husband is in Germany making arrangements and unfortunately I wasn’t able to go. It’s so hard when our loved ones are so far away.

I will forever remember her kindness and how we used to try to communicate even with my limited German. I think of the wonderful breakfasts we shared with her and how much fun we had when we went on little outings to museums, for cake and coffee and to nearby towns.

I’m so sad I didn’t get to visit her again this year. Not only have I been thinking of her but also of my dad and my grandma. They are always in my thoughts but even more so now.

So, I hadn’t meant to disappear from blogland but now you know why. Anyway, hug your loved ones and be kind to yourself this weekend. Iā€™m slowly surfacing so I hope to get back here soon.

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