Things to Ponder

I went to the library to return some items and noticed a few things. First, they have 43 William Faulkner books on hand and they are all on the shelves save the three chosen by Oprah. Imagine that. Not only that, but those three have numerous holds on them.

At least it was good to hear from so many of you who’ve said you’ve tried Faulkner but haven’t enjoyed him much, or are in my boat and haven’t read any of his works. I feel a bit better now.

Before I left the library I peeked at the new books and I took a couple, but when I tried the self-check machine it wouldn’t check them out. I had to ask one of the librarians and it turns out I have reached my limit of books checked out. There is a limit? Don’t they know I needed those books and I don’t care that I have so many more at home?

Oh well, they’ll hold them for me until I can return some of the other ones. One I’ll be returning is Case Histories by Kate Atkinson. I finished it and thoroughly enjoyed it. If it hadn’t been for the brouhaha over at the Lit Blog Co-op I may not have read it. Also, I think on Wednesday Kate Atkinson will be doing a guest post at the co-op.

Finally, the Orange Prize goes to Lionel Shriver. Has anyone read her book? It does sound quite good. Sigh….My list keeps growing.