The Year So Far

Well, here it is four months into the year and I figured I do a bit of a catch up post. I’ve read 31 books so far and there have been some real winners among them. One thing I’ve really happy about is that I’ve been exploring more short stories and I had been trying to read one week but some how have fallen out of that so I need to get back into that groove.

When it comes to challenges I started the year off doing quite well and making headway into my challenges but have sort of stalled now. As a matter of fact it’s now time to wrap up the Latin American Reading Challenge. I only finished one book out of the four. Oh well, the other three go back on the shelf until the mood strikes. Thank you Kristina for organizing the challenge.

As far as the others go, I have finished one book in the Once Upon a Time III Challenge, two books for What’s In a Name Challenge, and three books for the 9 for 09 Challenge. I still need to do some reviews so that’s why my sidebar isn’t updated.

This means I’ve yet to even cross off one book for Dewey’s Reading Challenge and the Art History Challenge. But I’m not giving up just yet on any of these. There’s still plenty of time and I am looking forward to all my reads.

So that’s the scoop for me. How about you? How’s your reading year shaping up? I’ve got a lot of running around planned this weekend but hopefully there’ll still be time for some reading. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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