The Woman In Blue

womaninblue“Cathbad and the cat look at each other. They have been drawing up their battle lines all day and this is their Waterloo. The cat has the advantage: this is his home and he knows the terrain. But Cathbad has druidical powers and what he believes is a modest gift with animals.”

The Woman In Blue
By Elly Griffiths

The latest Ruth Galloway mystery begins with a more supernatural undertone than previous mysteries. Cathbad is housesitting in the Little Walsingham, a town famous for religious apparitions, when he sees a woman in a white dress and a dark blue clock standing by a grave at the cemetery one night.

The next morning a woman’s body is found in town. She’s been strangled and her body is wrapped in a blue cloak. Did Cathbad see a vision and could he have helped? For DCI Harry Nelson the similarities between the victim and his wife and daughters are too close for comfort.

Meanwhile Ruth’s receives a message from an old friend asking for her help. Her friend, a woman priest, has been receiving hate mail and she’s getting more alarmed by the threatening messages. Are more women in danger? Ruth who’s done a fair amount of crime solving does her own research despite DCI Nelson telling her not to interfere.

One of the highlights of this series is Ruth’s profession. As a forensic archeologist her knowledge has been integral to solving the murders in previous books but this book is missing that element. The usual cast of characters appears and they are always a welcome addition but the one negative about this latest entry is the relationship between Ruth and Nelson. At first there were some indications that something was going to finally happen to resolve their situation but I guess we will have to wait for the next book.

Overall I found this one thoroughly enjoyable as I’ve come to really like the characters. I can’t remember if all the previous books have had maps included but this one had a map of Walsingham and I loved the addition.

Source: Advance Review Copy

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