The Holds

I got a lot of reading done this morning and luckily I didn’t get picked for any jury. I am very close to finishing Hearts and Minds so hope to tell you more about that one soon.

This evening I went to the library to pick up some holds (quite a few were for my mom) but here’s what I got for me:

  • French Milk by Lucy Knisley. I’m sure I heard about this one from one of you bookish peeps. I’m sorry I can’t remember who. I think I will like this graphic novel about a mother and daughter’s month-long stay in a small apartment in Paris. Lucy is grappling with the onslaught of adulthood and her mother is facing fifty.
  • Broken Colors by Michele Zackheim. Sophie Marks’ path to artistic and personal fulfillment takes her from World War II England to postwar Paris and the Italian countryside. She leaves Europe in 1967 and spends the next two decades in the American Southwest. Acclaimed at last as an artist, she returns to England to confront the hidden memories of her childhood and test the possibilities of a renewed love, a passion ripened by maturity. Sounds good doesn’t it?
  • The Mystery of Mary Rogers by Rick Geary. Having recently read one of his books and enjoyed it a lot, I had to search for another one. This one is also part of the “Treasury of Victorian Murder” and chronicles the disappearance and murder of “the beautiful segar girl” in July, 1841.

I also picked up the latest BookPage so I’m sure I’ll have to post soon on the books that have ended up on my wish list. It seems like a lot of you were going to the library this week so can’t wait to see what you guys found.

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