The Art of Journaling

artjournaling.jpgI went to the bookstore over the weekend to see what magazines have come out recently that I must catch up on and I was so excited to find the autumn issue of Art Journaling by Somerset Studio.

I really enjoyed their first publication and have referred back to that magazine several times to jump start some of my journaling so I didn’t even have to glance through this one. I knew I wanted it.

This issue has articles by Traci Bautista, Pam Carriker and many other well-known altered art artists so check it out.

Oh, and speaking of journaling, I forgot to mention that when I was in Berlin I found a wonderful paper store (well, not just paper but that’s the section I went crazy over) and couldn’t resist buying a couple of sheets for journal covers. I haven’t been bookbinding in a while and am itching to get back to it soon so I can’t wait to use my new paper. Plus, I’ve also thought about adding something a bit different in the shop but am working out the details and hopefully will tell you more about that soon.

How about you, bought any new magazines lately? All I know is that this weekend I want to spend more time at the bookstore.

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