I’m back from the land of antihistamine haze. Who gets allergies in wintertime?! Granted wintertime in Dallas is odd – we are facing highs in the 80s this week.

But moving on, I have photos and book reviews. Go here to see a few pictures from the Texas Book Festival. In the reviews I’m talking about My Very Own Murder, Desert Blood, The Hours of the Night and Billie Morgan. I hope you’ll find a book that interests you.

From the comments I got on my last post I think I need to read Bel Canto by Ann Patchett next, right? Love it or hate it, it seems everyone has read this.

Speaking of loving or hating a book, I found a Reader’s Bill of Rights in the latest Utne magazine. I especially liked the last line. The right not to defend your taste. I think I need to frame these.