Sunday Salon: Progressive Bookstore

“The printing press has made poetry too silent. I want it to be heard, to have the direct impact of speech.”
~ Lawrence Ferlinghetti

TSSbadge4.png I haven’t been able to join in on a Sunday Salon discussion in quiet a while but I’m hoping to have some time today to catch up with other Sunday Salon posters.

So everyone having a good weekend so far? We did go to the bookstore on Friday and of course I’ve got lots to tell you about my findings then but this post is not about that bookstore outing but about the fantastic bookstore/gallery we went to on Saturday.

Domy Books is a must-visit place if you are at all interested in art books, graphic design, and books that concentrate on contemporary art and culture. So while a poetry reading was going on in the background, I was busy checking out this book, that one, oh my goodness… So many one-of-a-kind books to look at!

I found interesting periodicals which I’ve never seen at any regular bookstore, special edition books and a bunch of graphic novels. Some titles that caught my attention were:

  • Mexican Blackletter by Cristina Paoli. I’m not a graphic designer but the visuals in this book were so vivid and colorful.
  • My Most Secret Desire by Julie Doucet. If you click on the title you can get a PDF of the first few pages of this graphic novel.
  • The Places We Live by Jonas Bendiksen. A moving photography book which explores the lives of people living in abject conditions.
  • A Coney Island of the Mind by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. This special anniversary edition also comes with a CD. I was so tempted by this one.


Oh yes, and they also had a lot of toys/figures.

I think I was a bit overwhelmed and couldn’t make up my mind on any one book to buy. Of course my husband made up for that and bought another expensive graphic design book. heh. That’s okay, I know we’ll be back there many more times.

So who else went to the bookstore this weekend and what did you find?

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