Sunday Ramblings

It’s late afternoon and I wish I could add an extra day to my weekend. Don’t we all I guess. Despite starting off wondering if we were going to be blown away by the severe weather we had on Friday, the rest of the weekend has been so nice. Today we had sunny skies and I’ve enjoyed having the windows open and hearing the birds chirping while I’ve been reading most of the afternoon.

I went to Barnes & Noble on Saturday to look for a magazine for my mom but I couldn’t find any of the Spanish language magazines. It was so crowded that I didn’t even bother to ask customer service why they didn’t have them. Instead I found a chair, enjoyed a yummy mocha and a cookie, and flipped through a couple of magazines before deciding to get the May edition of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.

I have never read this magazine but a recent post by Gavin prompted me to look for it. I don’t typically read short stories but I saw that this edition had one story by Christine Poulson. I’ve enjoyed her two mystery novels and am actually waiting on the third one to be published over here so it was nice to read something else by her. Her short story, Don’t You Hate Having Two Heads, was seven pages of goodness. I haven’t read any of the other stories yet but if this is any indication to go by then I think I’m in for a treat.

Today I finished reading The Anodyne Necklace, third in the Jury series by Martha Grimes. I felt this one had a more difficult mystery to solve and there were some plot developments I wasn’t expecting at all so all in all a good read. I know I have the fourth book somewhere in the stacks.

Now I’m off to look for the next good read.

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