Sugar Rush

I think I may have eaten more Halloween candy than what I handed out because I feel quite wide awake tonight. I guess I’ll be doing a lot of reading this evening, which is a good thing as I’ve just started a new book, The Stylist by Cai Emmons, which so far is quite interesting.

That’s not the only reason I’m bubbling with excitement… The latest Estella’s Revenge is online! There are book reviews (including my review of An Infamous Army), an interview with Audrey Niffenegger, a chance to win a book, lots of other fantastic tidbits and the announcement of a reading challenge! A reading challenge too tempting to ignore.

On another note, this year I won’t make it to Austin for the Texas Book Festival but I’ll console myself with the fact that I just found out there’s a Bookworm Bash going on this weekend. Book bargains here I come. Which reminds me that I better start making some room for more books.

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