Stories Heard

Today was a good day for listening to NPR as I heard an interview with Stuart MacBride. As I’m always in search of new mystery/crime writers, I quickly jotted down the information on his books.

I even learned that there’s such a thing as Tartan Noir. I have read Ian Rankin, who is probably the king of Tartan Noir, and I have enjoyed his Inspector Rebus series a lot. So I’ll be on the look out for some of the other writers and see how they compare.

Later in the day I happened to tune in just in time to listen to Selected Shorts and was delighted to hear a Carlos Fuentes story, Chac-Mool, and laughed out loud to David Sedaris read The Living Dead. If you’ve never heard David Sedaris please do something about that quick. He is so funny.

Now I’m off to start Birds of a Feather. I loved Maisie Dobbs so much that I stayed up late to finished it, and today I rushed to the library to get the sequel.