Stitching & Linking

I finished one of my journals today, the one with the pink cover which everyone seemed to like, and wouldn’t you know it – I mess up the last signature I was binding. The thread is pretty thick and the paper isn’t so thick so when I was tugging the thread tight I guess my super, duper bookgirl strength came through and the paper tore. I was able to salvage it but I was bummed out. Don’t worry I’ll show you a picture of it too but I want to finish my blue journal as well. Hopefully no boo-boos on that one.

Aside from the bookbinding fiasco, I was pretty tired today. I think the muggy weather we’ve been having got to me and I couldn’t seem to settle in with my books. Tomorrow though I’ve decided to spend the entire afternoon at the bookstore and hopefully catch up on my reading… I know, I probably shouldn’t go to the bookstore as I’ll be lured by the new books but I’ve made up my mind. heh.

So for today I’ll leave you with some links on some cool things I’ve found recently:

  • Thanks to Matt, I found out about the Lit Flicks Challenge hosted by The Bluestocking Society. Movies and books – what’s not to love? I am very tempted…
  • Photographs that capture people all over the world reading. On Reading has just been reissued and I want a copy of it, don’t you?
  • The latest Borzoi Reader has me adding some new books to my reading list. I especially want this one and this one.
  • What Book Got You Hooked? This campaign invites book lovers everywhere to join First Book in sharing the joy of great books with the children who need them most. At its core, the campaign celebrates the profound power of the picture and chapter books we can never forget and the critical role they play in developing a lifelong love of reading. Share the memory of the first book that made reading fun for you and then help get more kids hooked: vote for the state to receive 50,000 new books for children in need.

That’s it for tonight. I’m off to try and get some reading and hope to post on book finds & reading progress tomorrow.

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