Some New Books

I’ve just received two ARCs in the mail that sound very good. One is Darkness, My Old Friend by Lisa Unger. A thriller with several characters facing difficult situations and a place called The Hollows. Sounds creepy right?

The other one is Just My Type by Simon Garfield and it’s a book about fonts. I don’t know that I would have been as intrigued by this book years ago but given that my husband has studied graphic design and calligraphy, I’ve learned a few things myself and find typography quite interesting. I mean, I even saw Helvetica and think it was a fantastic indie film.  So this is a book that I may have to keep away from my husband’s shelves until I read it.

Other than that I’ve decided to make a couple of Georgette Heyer book purchases and I’ve added The Black Moth, Sylvester, Venetia and Frederica to my Kindle. Who knows, I may even buy a few more while the eBook deal is going on.

So these are my lastest acquisitions. I have a couple of other books I may buy for my Kindle soon to have ready for my vacation reading but I haven’t quite decided yet so I’ll keep you posted.

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