So Much Fun

I had such a great time at my craft show. The booths looked great, there was a wonderful assortment of crafters and artists and although I was pretty tired afterwards I can’t wait to do it again!

Here I am. I had a great response to my journals, got the chance to talk bookbinding with a few people (always a cool thing) and we also had some of my husband’s calligraphy on display – behind me. Next to me were some wonderful artists, Shanti from VanityFire and Jodie from Art Genius. We shared info on upcoming craft shows and talked shop when we had a bit of a slow down.

Of course a huge thanks goes to my husband who helped me with everything about my display. Vielen Danke, dear.

I’ve spent some time this week trying to get my studio back in some order and it’s back to the craft table in a few days. A real book post coming soon.

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