Reading Update

February you were not a good reading month for me. Two books read? Where do I turn in my Bookgirl credentials? I had two DNF books and plenty of books in progress which I’m carrying over to March but one thing is for sure, I hope March is a much better reading month.

I did read two very enjoyable books, The Spiritualist by Megan Chance and Pictures Of You by Caroline Leavitt, so it wasn’t all that bad. I know I keep saying this but really, reviews to come.

So what books am I still reading? I’m still greatly enjoying Someone At A Distance by Dorothy Whipple. Also, Dark Mirror by M.J. Putney. Is it bad that I haven’t finished Cullum by E. Arnot Robinson, which was my Virago book for Virago Reading Week? I do want to finish it and will. It’s good just somehow ended up at the bottom of my stack. And, I’m still making my way through The Lies That Bind by Kate Carlisle. That’s my lunch book and as I only take a 30 minute lunch and half of the time it’s with interruptions I am definitely finding it hard to finish this one.

Ok, it’s getting late now and instead of being at the computer I should be reading so I won’t be complaining at the end of March of a lackluster reading month. How about you, how was your reading month?

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