Reading Plans

I am not one to make a lot of reading plans because inevitably I get sidetracked by other shiny, new books and there goes the plan. Still I do get excited at seeing all the challenges and reading plans my bloggy friends are making. For example, I recently saw that Matt shared his vacation reading list, Danielle has a reading plan for the rest of the year, and Nymeth talked about some of the challenges she is taking on next year. I know a lot of you are starting to share your reading plans and this is great for me… Makes me motivated to make some myself!

So far I do know I’m joining Estella’s Revenge Year of Reading Dangerously Challenge. I have a tentative list of books which I will share soon. It’s hard to make this list but luckily I have my 1001 Books book to look through and jog my memory about those writers I’ve shied away from. It’s time to tackle some of those books you know.

And, if there’s another fantasy/sci-fi challenge next year I think I may be set. Nancy Pearl just listed some books that are out of this world. Gotta save this list. Even if you don’t read sci-fi/fantasy check out the article, Nancy makes some very good points about genre fiction.

Off to read now. I’ve started Raven Black by Ann Cleeves and I’m really enjoying it.

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