Project for the Week

Despite having a wall with five bookshelves (with books double stacked to boot!), I’m running out of space. The stacks are starting to build up on the floor by the bookshelves and being that my library is also my craft studio you can imagine the chaos that is my space. So this calls for some weeding of the books (sorry for the dark picture).


This means some of my shelf-sitters may just end up leaving the shelf. I think some of my longest shelf-sitters have been there for at least 10 years (probably more). I’m sure when I’m going through them I’ll probably think I just can’t part with a book that sounds that good. You’ve been through that yourself right?

My plan is to donate some books to the library, some are going to Half Price Books and some of my mysteries are going towards my mystery book group exchange (we have an exchange twice a year).

Of course you know why I’m making room on my shelves right? To add more to them! Haha…. How about you, are you running out of bookshelf space too? How long have you had some of your shelf-sitters?

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