Pressing Matters


On Saturday we went to check out the Senior Art Exhibition from the graduates of UT. There were a lot of interesting works, some I liked and some I didn’t quite get but I always enjoy art encounters. After we saw the exhibit we walked around the rest of the building, the exhibit was housed at Flatbed Press, and we saw some other art on display but were we in for a treat.

One of the founders of Flatbed Press asked us if we wanted a tour. Of course! We saw some amazing machinery, got to see a print being made and I learned a teeny, tiny bit about printmaking. It’s fascinating.

You know why I love this stuff? Because even though I’m not an artist, and maybe I won’t ever learn any printmaking, I just get so energized after seeing behind the scenes of how artists work. I learn to appreciate different mediums and I find myself feeling a renewed sense of inspiration and look forward to the next time I’m involved in my own creative pursuits. For me it’s about pursuing a creative life no matter whether I’m bookbinding, journaling, stamping or whatever. It’s these things that make me happy and feed my soul.

Anyway, to get back on the subject of books, if you are interested in printmaking check out these wonderful titles from David R. Godine, Publisher (isn’t it serendipitous how I got this catalog a few days before getting to visit Flatbed?):

Now I’m off to dream about things I’d love to learn. Oh yes, and I still need to catch up on blog visiting.

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