Month In Review

What a good month January has been for my reading. I read a variety of genres and discovered some new authors. Most of all, I’m excited that my husband and I have gone back to reclaiming some of our weeknights. It seemed like we had fallen into a pattern of watching tv almost every night and we both said enough.

We both have a lot of hobbies we enjoy so we are trying to spend more time doing those things. Believe me, we’ll still be catching up on Scandinavian/European crime shows but we’ve got the weekends to do that.

Anyway back to the books. Here’s what I finished:

Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall
Che: A Revolutionary Life by Jon Lee Anderson
The Bookshop of Yesterdays by Amy Meyerson
Ghost Next Door by Helen Currie Foster
Picnic, Lightning by Billy Collins
Bluebird, Bluebird by Attica Locke
Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase
Untouchable by Jayne Ann Krentz

My favorites would definitely be Picnic, Lightning and Bluebird, Bluebird.

A graphic novel, a romance, audiobooks, a book in translation and a poetry book. Love it. I am carrying over a few books into February. Some I’ve just started and one that’s been hanging on since last year. I am struggling to finish it and normally I would have given up but I feel so invested in it. I’ll tell you about my current reads in another post.

In the meantime, here’s hoping February will be a great reading month for all of us. Happy Weekend!

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One Day in December

“From now on, if anyone asks me if I’ve ever fallen in love at first sight, I shall say yes, for one glorious minute on December 21, 2008.”

One Day In December
By Josie Silver
Published: October 2018
Source: Advance review copy

Do you believe in love at first sight? Laurie is sure she’s just experienced this as she’s on the bus and as she looks out of the window locks eyes with a cute guy. Time seems to stand still but before they can both react the bus continues on its route and she’s left thinking about the mystery man.

Every day and week when she’s out she is seeking his face in the crowd. Her best friend and roommate, Sarah, even joins in on the quest to find the mystery man but no luck. One year later though she meets him finally. Jack is just as wonderful in person as she expected him to be but there’s a big catch, he’s just been introduced as her Sarah’s boyfriend.

She won’t act on any feelings and she certainly won’t tell Sarah. Besides it seems like Jack doesn’t seem to remember her or recognize her from that day at the bus stop. It’s just that it’s going to be so hard to put aside her feelings for him when her best friend is constantly getting them all three together.

Years pass, there are marriages, moves and new jobs but through it all, Jack is the constant in Laurie’s life. Does she move on with her life or does she keep thinking of what if?

I really enjoyed this book even though I thought all the misunderstandings and complications could have been avoided if Laurie had just been upfront with her best friend but then there would have been no book right? I think what made this so readable was that it reminded me of several rom coms which I’ve loved and I could totally see this being turned into a movie. Looking forward to the next Josie Silver book.

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Beautiful Sounds

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It went by too fast didn’t it? We really enjoyed our weekend and especially getting out to a classical guitar concert on Saturday. We went to see Irina Kulikova play at the AISD Performing Arts Center. This was our first time at the venue although we have been to other concerts from Austin Classical Guitar.

Although it was a rainy night we got there in plenty of time to also enjoy some food from Llamas Peruvian Food. The rice and chicken bowl I had was so good.

Of course the best part of the evening was the concert. Irina played some music I was familiar with, like Chopin and Bach but she also shared music from composer Konstantin Vassiliev and one piece in particular which I believe she said was not recorded yet.

So all of this made me think of how much I’ve enjoyed classical music in my life. I was exposed to it from an early age when I spent years in ballet and violin classes but I haven’t listened to it as much any more. So I was thinking about that before we went to the concert and wouldn’t you know it, I heard about Year of Wonder and thought wouldn’t it be fun to get this book and reconnect with classical music. The book introduces you to one piece of classical music each day and it spans genres and time periods. I think that would be so fun.

Anyway, all in all a great weekend but now it’s time to get ready for the week ahead. I’m hoping to finish a couple of books this week! Let me know what you were up to this weekend and if you listen to classical music tell me who your favorite composer is.

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