Online Reading

I made it to book group tonight despite not having finished Birdsong. I really enjoyed hearing everyone’s comments about the book and I think this book falls into the category of “right book, wrong time.” So I’ll put it aside for a while and move on to another book for now.

In the meantime there is a lot of stuff worth checking out online. Thanks to Emerging Writers Network, I found out of StorySouth’s Million Writers Award for Best Online Story of 2004. They’ve just announced their top ten stories and from now through March 31 you can vote for your favorite one.

For those of you not sure what to read next, check out the latest picks from Booksense. The month of March offers books by Geraldine Brooks, Henning Mankell and Anne Lamott among many others. I’ve already been busy updating my “to be read” list.

And, finally a shout out to Literary Vamp who posted this link on book covers. Oh my! Make sure you read all the titles on the covers. Hee, hee.