One Down

I did it – I finished a challenge! Last weekend I finish reading Skim by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by Jilliam Tamaki which counts as my 6th choice for the Graphics Novel Challenge hosted by Dewey.

I had a lot of fun with this challenge because although I had read a few graphic novels before, this challenge served to open my eyes to just how varied the genre is. I read books about Paris, Mexico, Victorian Scotland, slave owners, teenagers and even demons. These books all had their unique artistic styles and captivated me in their own way. I learned that just like any other fiction novel, if the story is strong I’m going to read it. The art is just an added bonus.

Here are the list of the books I read. Not all of these were on my original list but I’m glad they made their way to me. You can click on each title for my review of the books. Unfortunately, I forgot to add some of these to the Graphic Novel Challenge blog but hopefully you will also check that out if you are looking for more recommendations.

I was curious about the books that were not written and illustrated by the same person. I wonder how those collaborations came about… Did someone have the story first and seek out an illustrator?

Anyway, I enjoyed all of these but I have to tell you my favorite was One Hundred Demons by Lynda Barry. I would recommend all of these books but that one in particular really got to me. I have since been on the look out for more of her books and have a couple waiting in my stacks.

So this was a very fun challenge and I thank Dew and everyone for participating and sending me suggestions. I really relied on those when I made my list. The best part aside from meeting other fellow readers of graphic novels, is that now I do wander the aisles in the library or bookstore in search for new graphic novel titles.

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