On Journaling & Journals

Ledger of the head’s transactions
log of the body’s voyage,
it rides all day in a raincoat pocket,
ready to admit any droplet of thought,
nut of a maxim,
narrowest squint of an observation.

It goes with me
to a gallery where I open it to record
a note on red and the birthplace of Corot,
into the tube of an airplane
so I can take down the high dictation of clouds,
or on a hike in the woods where a young hawk
might suddenly fly between its covers.

And when my heart is beating
too rapidly in the dark,
I will go downstairs in a robe,
open it up to a blank page,
and try to settle on the blue lines
whatever it is that seems to be the matter.
~ excerpt from Journal by Billy Collins from Picnic, Lightning

Isn’t that a wonderful poem on journaling? I am going to try some visual journaling this weekend and so I’ve got my Mod Podge, paper scraps and other bits ready. I promise to share the results.

saleAV.jpgAnd, speaking of journaling, my Etsy shop is about to turn 1 year. Thank you to all of you who have visited, shopped and passed along the recommendation. For my Etsyversary I’m having a sale this weekend. All of my beaded journals are only $9, plus shipping. So, if you are looking to start doing some journaling yourself or need a little gift I hope you’ll stop in and check out the sale.

Have a wonderful weekend and read some poetry. More book talk soon.

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