On Challenges

A few more challenges have popped up recently and I’ve been debating on whether or not to join. Although I have a hard time completing them I definitely have fun joining and making lists so I’m taking the plunge and joining a few more.

austen.jpgFirst is the Everything Austen II Reading Challenge which Stephanie is hosting. I joined it last year and although I didn’t complete it, I had a lot of fun exploring Austen’s works via her books, films and even a couple of re-tellings.

I’d like to read Pride & Prejudice and see the movie (again!), read Sense & Sensibility and see the movie, and watch Lost in Austen and read Writing Jane Austen. I think even my mom is going to join me in this challenge.

japanese.jpgNext is the Japanese Literature Challenge 4 hosted by Dolce Bellezza. I’m not sure if I’ve participated every year but I think this is one challenge I usually do finish. So, I’m signing up again. I’m not sure which book(s) I’ll read but I have books on my shelves by Haruki Murakami, Natsuo Kirino, Yukio Mishima, Banana Yoshimoto and Akira Yoshimura. I think I should be able to find something wonderful.

paris.jpgFinally, I couldn’t say no to Tamara’s and Karen’s Paris in July experience. I’ve always wanted to travel to France but so far it’s only been through movies and books. As France is still not in my travel plans I’ll settle for either a book by Anna Gavalda, or a mystery set in Paris and/or the Matisse exhibit in town (I must see this). So we’ll see how I choose to experience Paris in July.

I’m excited about all of these. How about you? Joined some new challenges?

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