Of Mystery & Crime

I met with my Murder on Mondays book group tonight even though I didn’t read the book, but from the comments that everyone made it seems that this wasn’t a popular pick anyway.

The next few months will be exciting ones for our group as we have several authors who are coming to meet with us. In March Deborah Crombie will be joining our group to discuss her Duncan & Kincaid series. I’ve read a few of those books and have enjoyed them quite a bit.

In other mystery news, if you are a subscriber to the WSJ you might want to double check the Sunday edition. There was an article on the four finest mystery anthologies. One mentioned was A Catalogue of Crime. I want to get my hand on those anthologies. Can you imagine how many new series I’d find to try out?

Finally, Ian Rankin fans make sure to update/get your subscription to the New York Times. Starting in April, the Times will be running a serialised story by Rankin. The series will last 14 weeks, and no, it won’t be a Rebus story. I wonder if my library carries the paper?

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