Not Possible

As I was getting ready to take my lunch hour today I grabbed my lunch bag, reached for my book bag and horror of horrors, I realized I didn’t have a book with me. How is that possible?

I practically tore apart my book bag because certainly a BookGirl would never leave the house without a book. The first compartment had my iPod, a catalogue from BasBleu bookseller, scraps of paper (reading lists, ideas list for writing class, etc.). The second compartment had my vitamins, a bottle of water, calendar, journal, and even the re-enrollment form for healthcare benefits.

There was no book in this bag!

I was taunted by the bookseller’s catalogue, and I could read all about healthcare benefits, but alas, that’s material I save for when I’m suffering insomnia and need to fall asleep.

This was definitely turning out to be a Monday.