Non Book Related

I just got home from a night at the theater. I went with Christine and another friend of ours to see a wonderful production at the Watertower Theater, Leonard’s Car.

What made it so much more meaningful to me was that I actually had read some of this play back when I was a lot more active with my writing group and the author brought it in for a critique. It was truly exciting to see it on stage and see how it had changed (or not) and what the end was.

Sunday we are going back out to the Watertower Theater to catch another production in the Out of the Loop festival.

On a completely unrelated note, as I was driving to the theater I heard a story on NPR about Latin Alternative music. Yes! They mentioned some of my favorite groups (Jaguares and Ozomatli) and if you go on the web site you can even hear some music. So go and check it out. Very cool.

I’ll be back tomorrow with regular book talk.