No Willpower

Remember I had said I wasn’t going to take any library books out this summer? Well, I had to check some out this weekend. So I held out for about a month and a half and I think I did pretty well considering I pass by the library almost every day and I have been stopping in every other week or so to check out DVDs and books for my mom.

So let me tell you what I got:

The first book is actually one I checked out last week but I am not counting it as one of my normal reads as it’s more of a resource: Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit by Donna Farhi. Since the beginning of June I’ve taken my yoga practice to a new level as I’m doing yoga five to six times a week and to complement my practice I wanted to see this book in particular as it’s been recommended by some of my teachers.

The other book I checked out is Awakening by S.J. Bolton. Recently Danielle had a great review of one ofย  Bolton’s books and then Jenclair also mentioned checking one out and well I just needed to be in the loop too. I haven’t read a good scary, creepy book in a while so I’m hoping this will be a good one.

The Twin by Gerbrand Bakker went into my book bag as well. This story is about a a young man who is forced to give up his dreams of going to college when his twin brother dies and he has to take over the family farm. Aside from the fact that the story sounds interesting, what caught my eye about this book is that it’s published by Rainmaker Translations which is a group dedicated to address the lack of books in translation that are published in the States.

Finally, my last book is A Dead Hand by Paul Theroux. Have you read any of his books? I’ve been meaning to but haven’t gotten around to them yet. The cover of this one was quite eye-catching and it does sound like an good thriller.

So those are my books from the library. Let’s see what I can read before the due date. Oh yes, and I placed a couple of others on hold. I have been able to get to some of my shelf sitters though so I think I’ll continue my library visits but try to keep my borrowing to a minimum.

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