No Plans

Well, I do have some idea of things I want to do over the weekend but I’m not going to rush around or try to get everything done. The one thing that gets highest priorty from me for the list is date night at the bookstore. My husband and I were both sick last weekend and this week we’ve been dragging a bit as we have been trying to get well so now we want to go and enjoy a nice evening out at the bookstore.

I believe there’s a new Somerset Studios magazine out as well as a new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors I must check out. Oh I’m sure there are tons of magazines I’ve missed out since I was away on vacation. It’ll be fun to see what new magazines and books are on the shelves.

I also would really love to get caught up on blog reading. I’ve missed you guys and am slowly making my way to your blogs. Don’t even get me started on how behind I am on emails. Ah well, things will get done right?

But, I’m very happy to report that I was able to go to yoga class tonight and even though I’m still having a bit of congestion for the most part I was able to enjoy my practice, and what a wonderful class it was. We did a sequence of moon salutations in honor of the full moon tonight and our teacher played the guitar and sang for us at the end during relaxation pose. So sweet.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Hope you are up to a lot of fun stuff and more bookish talk soon.

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