Night Creatures


“Victoria knew she would not find vampires to hunt tonight. They had all fled the city with their queen, Lilith, a month ago. No, Victoria did not expect to find the undead to stake tonight, but she wanted to. Oh she wanted to. She needed to. She needed to feel the blood coursing through her body again,, the blood that felt as though it had slowed to a crawl and sat, stewing, like a scum-covered pond, in her veins. She needed to move, to exert, to feel again. She needed revenge.”

Guess what book I’ve started reading? Rises the Night by Colleen Gleason. Finally, I’m picking up the second book in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles. It’s just the perfect time of the year for a good vampire story don’t you think?

And, after having gone out to see the bats at the Congress Bridge this weekend it reminded me I needed to follow up on this adventure of creatures that roam in the night.

How about you? Started any good, spooky stories lately?

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