New Books

I’ve recently added a few new books to the bookshelves and I wanted to share those titles with you in case you’ve read them and want to share your thoughts.

The first one is A Window Across the River by Brian Morton. This came courtesy of Lori my Secret Santa. She also sent me a bookmark, some little notepads and a cute notebook. How sweet! I don’t think I had properly thanked my Santa or Nymeth who hosted this fabulous event but I blame it all on the December madness. Anyway, this book sounds very good so I’m glad to add it to my shelves.

Next I received an ARC for The Lie by Petra Hammesfahr.  According to the back cover, Hammesfahr has been dubbed Germany’s answer to Patricia Highsmith. I can’t wait to read this crime novel. I also noticed that this is put out by Bitter Lemon Press which publishes the best crime and roman noirs from faraway places. Oh I must have a look at their catalog!

From Algonquin Books I received their catalog (hmm, so many books to add to my wish list) and a copy of A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick. Isn’t the cover pretty? The story sounds like quite a tale too.

Lastly another ARC came for a book and author I’d never heard of but am very much interested in reading. The Vera Wright Trilogy by Elizabeth Jolley. This trilogy of autobiographical novels begins in 1939 in wartime England when seventeen-year-old Vera leaves school agains her parents’ wishes and becomes a nurse in a military hospital. The trilogy gives a sharp picture of what life was like for women in England from the 1930s to the 1950s. This sounds like it would be a perfect read for the Women Unbound reading challenge doesn’t it?

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