New Addiction

If you celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you had a good one. I didn’t mean to be away from the blog for so long as I wasn’t doing anything special for the holiday but I managed to stay busy reading, visiting friends and going to the movies.

I’ve finished a couple of books (I’ll tell you about those tomorrow) but for now I’m thoroughly drawn in the adventures of Maisie Dobbs. I’m half way through Pardonable Lies, the third in the series. Seriously, even if you aren’t a mystery lover this is a good one.

But what is my latest addiction? Bookmooch! I am ready to give new life to old books. I originally heard of this from Danielle and thought it was fantastic but finally have gotten around to signing up. I’ve only added a few so far but it’s a start. If you are on Bookmooch let me know and maybe we can trade some books.