More New Books

Are you tired of hearing about my new books? It’s just that with gift books, coupons, gift cards, etc. I’ve been on a bit of a book binge lately. I like that. Anyway, as I mentioned I had some Barnes & Nobles gift cards and Borders Bucks to use as well so I got these treats.

  • The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. After thoroughly enjoying The House at Riverton and reading so many good reviews of this book from you guys I couldn’t pass this one up.
  • The Lies That Bind by Kate Carlisle. This is the third entry in the bibliophile mystery series which features a bookbinding sleuth. I don’t think I need to explain why this one would appeal to me right?
  • Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. I loved The Time Traveler’s Wife and just haven’t gotten around to reading anything else by her so this was one to get.

artmag.jpgAnd, not a book but I was thrilled to get the new edition of Art Journaling magazine. It has a feature on LK Ludwig, which I’m excited to read as I took a class with LK at Journalfest a few years ago. I already noticed that some of the journals pictured in the magazine are journals I got to see in person. So cool.

I’m so excited to start all of them. Have you read these? Ok, tomorrow I promise to tell you about my current reads.

Finally, don’t forget that I’m announcing a winner for a journal and art pack kit on Friday. If you haven’t entered you can do so in this post. Good luck!

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