Midnight Musings

I’m a night owl. Ever since I was a kid I always enjoyed staying up late. I always thought that something big and exciting would happen at the witching hour. What’s not so great, is getting older, having to wake up early for work and realizing that getting by on less than six hours of sleep continually is not a good thing.

However my good intentions of trying to go to sleep early are being met with some insomnia. I’ve battled that on and off for years and I’ve always thought that this is just how it’ll be for me. But how do I ever get caught up on my lost hours of sleep? How can I avoid almost falling asleep while on a conference call – okay maybe that has nothing to do with my needing more sleep.

Anyway, to that end I’ve been reading The Well-Rested Woman: 60 Soothing Suggestions for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep by Janet Kinosian. Kinosian covers everything from using Feng Shui, listening to lullabies to even using phototherapy in order to get a restful sleep.

My first thought is “Oh my god, I’m reading a self-help book”. You see, I think self-help books are great if people want them and get use out of them, however I will always read a couple of pages and ditch that for my fiction, mysteries, poetry, etc.

But, so far I’m liking this book. I’ve put some of the practices in place (no, not the listening to lullabies bit) and I’ll admit some of this is working. So I’ll keep you posted. Night-night.