Mexico Lindo

I really wasn’t going to join another challenge. I know, you are all smiling and saying “sure” but I was really planning to hold off until the Once Upon a Time challenge came around and then yesterday I saw Sylvia’s, México 2010 Reading Challenge and there goes my resolve.

But, how can I not join this challenge when it’s about a place dear to my heart. I was born in México, most of my family still lives there, I used to spend all of my summers there when I was a little girl and not a day does by without me speaking Spanish, reading news in Spanish or somehow staying connected to my roots. So I’m joining the challenge!

In honor of the tricolor, the flag of México, the challenge is to read three books of Mexican literature, history, or art.

I actually have quite a few to choose from but for now my choices are (and yes, I may switch these out as my reading whims take me):

  • The Crystal Frontier by Carlos Fuentes. I’ve had some mixed reactions to Fuentes’ novels but I can say that they’ve always made me slow down and pay close attention.
  • Women With Big Eyes by Angeles Mastretta. A collection of mystical stories, shot through with sex and laughter, about the lives of extraordinary and eccentric women, and the intuitive powers that all women share.
  • La Noche de Tlatelolco by Elena Poniatowska. A chronicle of the massacre of student and civilian protesters that took place on October 2, 1968.

Alright, now I guess it’s time for me to go read some books and maybe make a dent in one of my challenges. Ha.

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