Making Lists

I didn’t make it to my foreign authors book group tonight as I didn’t finish Half of a Yellow Sun. I’m still planning to finish it though because so far it’s really good. Next month we are reading Madame by Antoni Libera so hopefully I’ll be more organized and get it read in time.

Today I’ve been making book lists. Thanks to Estella’s Revenge (new issue is up so check it out!), Mystery Scene and BookPage I’ve added some titles to my list. I’m sure I’ll go back to all of these sources for more but in the meantime here’s what I got:

And, TBR lists aren’t the only lists I’m making. Danielle passed me the baton and I get to put together some options for the next Slaves of Golconda book. We’ve read some very good stories, and actually you can still join in on the discussion of The Stone Angel over at the MetaxuCafe Forums. It’s been great.

In the next couple of days I plan to have some choices up for a vote so hope you’ll think about joining in. Right now I’m thinking of taking everyone on a trip through latin america and reading some contemporary authors. It’s not all magical realism you know. heh.

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