Making Books

So, today I’ve been playing around with the paper I bought a couple of weeks ago. Remember these two sheets?


I thought I’d make some new journals, but oh boy did I have some trouble with the paper that has newspaper and magazine bits in it. The paper is pretty thin and I knew it was going to be trouble so I cut out a small piece, glued it and covered a small piece of board. Sure enough it started tearing when I was turning the corners. I got a bit frustrated and put it aside. I’ve worked with very thin papers before so I know I can do something with it but I wasn’t in the mood to battle with this paper today.

So I grabbed the other sheet, the one with the couple on it, and found out it works perfectly for one of my beaded journals. Take a look. It’s like it was meant to be that size.

And, as I’ve been amassing quite a collection of small scraps of pretty papers, I started thinking about what I could do with them. I’d hate to throw them out because they are so pretty so I decided to make my small beaded journals into mini ones. Here they are. I think they look so cute and best of all, all my pretty scraps become journals.

That’s what I’ve mainly been up to today. Now, it’s time to go read. My hands hurt, my fingertips are sore from the thread and I’m tired of cutting paper. See, it’s not all glamour in a Bookgirl’s life. heh.

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