Making A New Book

For some years I’ve been collecting postcards and cards that have something to do with reading and/or books. It could be a person reading, a postcard from a famous library, etc.

Sometimes I actually send out these postcards but most of the time I just hang on to them because I like them. Oh, and sometimes I also use them as bookmarks. But, I’ve been toying with an idea of turning these into books and finally this weekend I made my first Booklover’s Journal.


I used a postcard with an image of a Nancy Drew book cover and turned it into the cover of a coptic bound book. This little journal has five sections, I put some eyelets to jazz up the covers and for the back cover I used mat board. The inside pages are a smooth, white finish and I also used some color paper to divide the sections and provide more reinforcement for the signatures. To make the postcard a bit more sturdy, as it’s the front cover, I lined it with some of the same green paper I used as signature dividers.

I couldn’t resist adding a library pocket to the back, inside cover. I figure it would come in handy to store a library receipt, a library card or some other little bits.


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and as I’ve go tons of cute postcards I think I’ll have to make more of these and add them to the shop.

Meanwhile, I’ve finished reading another book this weekend so really I will get to reviews soon! Hope everyone has a great start of the week.

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