Lucked Out

On Saturday I decided to spend the afternoon at the big Half Price bookstore. I planned to do a lot of browsing, some bargain hunting and hang out with Christine. We sat at the cafe for quite some time and we definitely did more chatting than browsing. What can I say, we both love to talk, but I still managed to walk away with some books.

Remember I said I was going to look for a book by Mollie Panter-Downes? Well, guess what I found in the clearance section? One Fine Day for $1. Not only that but I also found a book by Beatrix Lehmann, Rumour of Heaven, which is another Virago book that sounds good. My other find was a book that had been on my wishlist for quite some time, 98 Reasons for Being by Clare Dudman. Not bad for $5 bucks.

Today I hardly did any reading but I have a good excuse. I spent some time with my mom and we watched several of the Brother Cadfael episodes. Those are so entertaining. One of these days I need to give the books a try. So all in all a very good weekend.

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