Liveable Cities and Their Bookshops

monocle.jpgMy husband’s been reading an article in Monocle Magazine about the top global cities and he’s been telling me about all sorts of cool things about Copenhagen. We’ll be going there for vacation this year so needless to say we’re excited. One of the items that interested me the most about this article was that they listed how many bookstores are to be found in each of these 25 cities.

For example: Tokyo has 1,051, Paris has 677, Hamburg has 354, Copenhagen has 83 and San Francisco has more than 50. We are planning to stop in Hamburg on our way to Copenhagen so I think that was a good call.

Of course this made me think of the bookstores in our city and while we do have quite a few our number certainly falls below some of the cities mentioned in the article.

Still here are Austin’s bookstores:
BookPeople – Great indie bookstore
BookWoman – Fabulous feminist bookstore
Farewell Books – Used to be Domy Books which was a great place to find zines and art/design books.
South Congress Books – Used bookstore specializing in art, photography, fiction, music, and popular culture.
Blue Awning Books – Another indie used bookstore which I haven’t explored yet.
Half Price Books – There are four and a new one is opening at the end of month.
Barnes & Noble – Only four but luckily one is close to my home.
Recycled Reads – Austin Public Library’s used bookstore
Comic Bookstores – There are several around town but I’ve never been in them so can’t give you the nitty gritty.

Of course I still miss Borders and I’ve seen a couple of other indie bookstores close but at least I do have a good variety of stores to choose from. How about you? Do you have quite a few bookstores to choose from in  your city? Do you have some indie bookstores?

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