I seem to be falling behind on my reading so for today’s post I’m just going to leave you with some links to check out. That and I’ve been keeping tabs on these for a while that I think if I don’t post about them soon I’ll forget about them. Ha.

For those of you who enjoy drawing or keeping a sketchbook, how about becoming part of the global art library?

Do you know that there’s a word for those for buying books and not reading them? Read more about that here.

Why you need to pay attention at yard sales. Wouldn’t it be awesome to find this autograph book?

Speaking of vintage finds, how about some rare books. Know the 13 secrets of rare book dealers. Can you believe they don’t like book smells?

And, if you are a lover of pop-up books check out this giant one. It’s amazing!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend and more book talk soon!

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