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Hey Friends – Just a little update on what’s been going on here at Casa Bookgirl. I have just been busy with work, family stuff, some crafting and all of that means my blogging mojo has been MIA.

My husband was in Germany for a week recently to be there for his mom as she had minor surgery. All went well and it was a quick trip for him but I missed not being able to go and of course I tend to worry about things so that was one thing.

I find that I’ve been spending more time with my mom as she’s been a bit down. Our family hasn’t been to visit us as much as they used to because of time constraints, etc. Hopefully with Summer upon us there will be a chance for more visits.

on-phoneAmidst all of this though I have had some fun times. Last week I went to Arlington for an Art Jouraling retreat! That was a blast. I feel like I haven’t really been into my crafting as much lately and this is just what I needed.

There were four classes in one day and they were taught by some mixed media artists whose work I’ve been following for years so needless to say, I was super excited.

I got to experiment with black gesso, soft body acryclic paints, and even drawing faces! I guess I should say sketching faces but that’s huge for me as I don’t draw but wish I did. I promise to show you some of my samples from class but that will be for another post.

On top of all of this you know what happened? My blog had a bloggiversary! I can’t believe I forgot about it last week but it’s been 11 years. These last few years my blogging sometimes has seemed to come to a stop but something always pulls me back in. So thank you guys for hanging in there with me. I love sharing my life with books with you. Speaking of books, there have been trips to the library, to the bookstore and ARCs so posts on those coming up. In the meantime, I hope you are having a great month!

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