I was once again kept away from the blog by different things going on in my life and just not having the extra energy to devote to it. A couple of weeks ago one of my dear cousins ended up in the ICU. Being that we are away from the family it is especially hard as I can’t just go on over to find out what’s going on. He is doing a bit better but still in the hospital.

I also had one of my best friends come in to town last weekend and that was so very wonderful. It was just what I needed. We talked a lot, drank a lot of coffee and were just there to share our stories. We could easily have spent several more days catching up.

Last week I started my jewelry making class and learned a bit of basics but I haven’t prepared my homework for tomorrow’s class which is to come up with several ideas of things to make. Ugh. I just have been so unfocused. I’m going to go with earrings. I love wearing earrings so that should be good right?

I think the only good thing about not blogging and being around in blogland is that my reading is going great. I read seven books in January, eight in February and I’ve already finished my first March book. The funny thing is that I’m sticking with comfort reads (mysteries and a dash of romance) and just realized that I’ve only read two fiction books. It would be nice to throw in a bit more variety in my reading but I’m not going to worry about that.

So now I’m off to look through Jewelry by Madeline Coles to get some inspiration. I hope you are all doing well blog friends and thank you for emails and support as always!

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