Last Night

I hope everyone is having a great start of the week. I meant to post last night but we ended up watching a movie instead and after the film I was just looking for some comfort reading to get those images out of my head! We watched The Road based on the book by the same title by Cormac McCarthy. Have you seen the film?

So in my search for some comfort reads I picked up The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs and it was exactly what I needed for the moment even though I think I still had a nightmare from the movie.

Anyway what I meant to tell you about yesterday was about my recent library visit. Again, I kept telling myself I was just going to go in to pick up my hold but we all know how that goes. So here’s what I checked out:

  • Bad Blood by Lorna Sage. This is the next read for the Slaves of Golconda. It’s a memoir about growing up in postwar provincial Britain. I like this part: “she tells an extraordinary tale of thwarted love, failed religion, and the salvation she found in books.”
  • Foreign Correspondence by Geraldine Brooks. As an adolescent Brooks enlisted pen pals from around to the world to offer her a window into their lives and worlds. Twenty years later she tries to find her pen friends. My husband and I first knew each other as pen pals so I can already imagine this book will be a special read.
  • Prospect Park West by Amy Sohn. A smart, sexy, satirical peek into the bedrooms and hearts of Brooklyn’s famed Park Slope neighborhood. This sounds like it might be a fun, light read.
  • Wonderful World by Javier Calvo. The story of a son trying to make his father proud – by becoming an international criminal. A tale of multiple story lines including a fictional manuscript by Stephen King. This sounds totally quirky, witty and magical.

I still have quite a few other books that I checked out recently so my stacks are definitely piling up. Let’s see what I can get through before I have to return them back.

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