Knee-Deep In Paper

I’ve been a busy bookgirl lately.

These stacks are text blocks and the boards that they go with at the last stage of production. I love it so when you reach that last part and all the glue, paper and thread actually form a book. I’ve been bookbinding for a few years now and it still feels a bit like magic when they are done.

Aside from this project, I’m counting down the days until the Texas Book Festival – this weekend! I probably won’t be able to attend all of it but I hope to meet up with some fellow book bloggers and of course have some fun.

If you are coming to Austin for the festival and need any tips on places to go, etc., let me know. I can tell you that there are a few must-visit bookstores (indies) that you should put on your to-do list.

On the reading front, I’m loving The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. I’m not surprised how much I am enjoying it but I just wish I could devote a whole afternoon to it. It’s so good.

Alright, tomorrow’s goal is to try and catch up on my blog reading. You guys must be reading a lot of good stuff right?

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