It’s A Mystery?

I had a great weekend of reading and finished two books, which I promise to tell you about tomorrow. I need to collect my thoughts a bit. Of course this meant I should start a new book and I picked up my first selection for the Summer Mystery Reading Challenge.

I selected, The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz. The book is supposed to be about a family of private investigators and the main character, Izzy Spellman, is described as a cross between Dirty Harry and Nancy Drew. That sounds highly promising doesn’t it? Well, there are some funny scenes but I’m halfway through the book and I still don’t really see the BIG mystery. Where are the dead bodies? Where are the clues? I don’t think it’ll take me much longer to finish the book so stay tuned for a review.

For those of you who are participating in the mystery challenge, or simply enjoy a good mystery, have you checked out ClueLass? Oh wow, it’s a great source for mystery news and if you check the BloodStained Bookshelf you’ll find a listing of all upcoming mystery releases.

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