I’d Buy These Books

Looking through the new releases at Borders or on Amazon.com I always find titles I want to add to my collection but this weekend I was thinking of some new books that should be written. I would buy these:

  • How to Grow Out Your Bangs – I’ve had bangs for longer than I care to admit, and after last week’s haircut I realize it’s time I got a new hairstyle. But this isn’t the first time I’ve said I’m growing out my bangs. Oh no, this happens every so often and I resolve to let them grow out but once they reach a certain length, I reach for the scissors. So do I wear a hair clip for the next few months or what? Any suggestions?
  • Walk out of REI Without Spending a Fortune – My husband took me to REI this weekend so we could get me the right gear for our trip to Germany this Christmas (yeah!). I now have wooly socks, a hat and a real winter jacket. All I know is that for this sandals and sundress-loving girl, my biggest concern is that I may look like an Eskimo in all that warm gear.
  • The Dark Chocolate Toblerone Diet – I may have mentioned before how much my friend, Shutterbabe, and I love Toblerone chocolate. This stuff was the energy pill that got us through a month long trip in Europe. Seriously, can I eat an entire bar and cover all the nutritional values for one day? Didn’t think so but if there’s a book out there that will show me how to do this, I’d read it.