I Want These – I Got These

Now to tell you about the books that I added to my wish list after going up and down the aisles at BookPeople. I should have snapped some pictures inside the store because they had some great book displays. I liked that they weren’t just promoting brand new books but some other favorites.

Here are the books that I want:

One Fell Swoop by Virginia Boyd. By turns hilarious and poignant, this daring, debut novel begins with the violent end of a marriage. A local wife-and-mother has killed her husband after finding him in the midst of an affair. Each chapter, written from a different community member’s point of view, shows the ripple effect of that dramatic event and how it has affected the townspeople differently–some directly and others less so, but all meaningfully and irrevocably.

Biting the Wax Tadpole by Elizabeth Little. In her debut book, writer and editor Little searches in linguistic nooks and crannies for the quirks, innovations and implausibilities of the world’s languages, threading witty pop culture references through tapestries of language trivia written with the not-so-linguistic reader in mind.

I also found a few mystery series that I want to check out one of these days. They are the Judge Dee series by Robert Van Gulik, the DI Charlie Priest series by Stuart Pawson, and the Marjorie McClelland series by Amy Patricia Meade. If any of you have read these let me know what you thought.

And, I did say that I bought a book right? Well, I bought one book at BookPeople and then I went to Half Price Books to use my 50% Off coupon.

I only got two books but I am happy with my finds. Here’s what I got:

At BookPeople I bought Death at Wentwater Court by Carola Dunn. Danielle recently mentioned this book and I kept thinking it was a book I had tried to read before and couldn’t get into. Which kind of seemed odd to me as this sounds like a book I would totally enjoy. So, when I saw this I couldn’t help but picking up and read just a bit and that’s when I realized I must have confused this with another book. I haven’t tried to read this book before after all. What a good discovery, huh?

And, at Half Price Books I found a book that had been on my wish list for quite some time, The Fabric of Night by Christoph Peters.

Ok, off to try and finish a book for book group on Tuesday, and don’t forget that Tuesday is also the start of National Poetry Month – whee!

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