We just got back from seeing a documentary on typography, Helvetica. Did you know that this typeface is just now celebrating its 50th year? It hasn’t been around that long but it’s everywhere you look. I know, you are probably thinking I’ve lost my mind because why else would I be interested in a font, but being that I’m married to a graphic designer who also does calligraphy, fonts are something we do talk about sometimes.

When we found out this indie film was being shown at the AFI Film festival we had to go. It was really exciting to hear the prespectives from some of the most well-known graphic designers in the world and they are so freaking witty to boot. Anyway, if this ever shows in your part of the world do go see it.

After all as one of the designers said, typography affects everyone because if you read something with the wrong typeface you will know it because it will be hard to read the text. See, I did bring all around to talk about books somehow.

Anyway, regular book talk resumes tomorrow. I have to tell you about book mooches and a trip to Half Price Books.

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