Hello December

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hope you guys have been doing great. We had a very nice Thanksgiving with some friends and enjoyed some low key days. We finally ventured to the movies and saw Spectre, which aside from the opening scene seemed kind of boring to me.

Unfortunately my reading has been almost non-existent. I didn’t get a chance to catch up on blogging either. I think my mind is just going in all different directions. Unfortunately we’ve heard about family members and close friends being sick – two in the hospital. I think that’s partly where my “quiet-ness” has come from lately.

But let’s get back to book talk. I did not complete either the German Literature Month or Non-Fiction November reading projects. As a matter of fact, guess how many books I’ve read in November? Just two. Oh boy. Well, I did enjoy both The Caretaker and The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend so that is good.

With regards to my reading challenges I’m pretty certain I won’t be finishing most of them but I’ll be sure to give you the rundown of those once we get to year end stats. I can’t believe we are almost at that time of the year again! Speaking of challenges, I’m sure they are starting to pop up so let me know if you are joining some good ones.

December is usually filled with lots of activity so we’ll see how much reading I get to do. I am in the middle of two good books so I’ll tell you more about those soon. What about you, what are you reading?

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